The Kelly Tillage System


Kelly Disc Chains: effective, innovative and unique


Designed initially for managing stubble residue, the disc chains are now used around the globe for everything from primary tillage, incorporating manure and slurry, conditioning cover crops, after harvest seed germination, renovating and planting pastures.

 The mulching chains are used with the primary aim of returning crop residue to the soil and preparing a better seedbed to plant into. They roll down stubble, chopping and splitting it into smaller lengths to accelerate weathering and microbial breakdown.



Fighting herbicide resistance with cost effective weed control


Both the control of existing weeds and the early germination of weed seeds are areas in which Kelly Disc Chains excel.

The nature of the shallow tillage allows mechanical cutting to control weeds, at a time when an increasing reliance on herbicides is proving a significant problem for farmers around the globe. Using a Kelly Tillage System is an excellent tool to help combat herbicide resistance.



Seedbed Preparation

The chains perform a valuable role, preparing a seedbed in fields that have been ploughed and left cloddy or rough.

Many operations now use the Diamond Harrow for all their seeding preparation, and some even use it for seeding different crops. The combination of chain tension, weight, layout and disc shape has allowed us to design chains to suit different soil types and applications, giving the machine its versatile nature.



Costs Benefits

Made from a variety of abrasion resistant metals, Kelly Discs are designed to last and last.

Kelly Tillage Systems are renowned for excellent cost of operation, achieving the same results as traditional tillage methods while using only a fraction of the horsepower. Our faster working speeds and wider machines allow the farmer to reap the benefits, saving time and money.

Farmers are able to capitalize on the versatility of the Kelly Tillage System by using a single Diamond Harrow and a combination of discs to prep, mulch, incorporate, stimulate, propagate and exterminate throughout the year.



It’s all about the discs


CL2 – Cast Link Cutting Disc


A powerful new disc for rough conditions and heavy soils.


A concave replaceable disc mounted in a heavy cast steel boss with a hook and eye to link together. The sharp disc provides penetration into the toughest of soils while the weight and shape of the boss keeps the disc cutting and controls the working depth. Heavy residue management and reliable weed control make this new disc our flagship product. Weight 75lb/ft - 112kg/m, Spacing 8”.




CL1 Cutting Disc


The most versatile of the Kelly Disc Chains.


The CL1 is a concave disc made from hardwearing cast steel alloy with a hook and eye for linking together. The ideal tool for stubble management, weed control and levelling soil, it works at just the right depth to create the perfect seedbed. The CL1 Disc Chain be used in combination with other chains to give the best fit for your conditions. Weight 47lb/ft - 70kg/m, Spacing 7”.



Spike Disc Chain


This heavy duty spiked disc chain combines effectiveness with utility.


With 10 spikes per disc, the Spike Disc Chain can be fitted either in a trailing or leading orientation. In the trailing direction the levelling and incorporating action combine to provide a shallow running, self cleaning seedbed preparation tool. Remarkably effective at removing weeds, this makes an ideal tool for pre or post seeding herbicide incorporation. In the more aggressive leading orientation, the Spiked Disc Chain works as a “first pass” light tillage tool, levelling and preparing a seedbed. Weight 57lb/ft - 85kg/m, spacing 5”.



Prickle Chain


Ideal for levelling and packing soil.


At 132 spikes per a metre of coverage the Prickle chain is extremely effective at levelling soil surfaces and incorporating pre-emerging herbicides. The chains roll and gently pack the soil while levelling ridges and filling furrows. The Prickle Chain has the added benefit of being self-cleaning; the angle and orientation of the spikes prevents residue build up. Weight 17lb/ft - 25kg/m